This page contains a list of all remaining tasks for the semester.

Deadlines are all 11:59PM D.C. time on the specified date. For some assignments we have two deadlines:

  • Suggested deadline: Meet this to ensure you are keeping up with topics as we cover them. If you submit by this date you will get a +5 bonus to your assignment grade.
  • Final deadline: This is the latest date you can submit without penalty. After this point you will lose 5 points per day late.

You are strongly encouraged to keep to the suggested deadlines since undoubtedly you will get busier with other classes the closer you get to the end of the semester.


  • Update your profile picture on slack and github. Please use a photo or artist’s rendition of yourself on Slack, but you can use anything you like on GitHub (hint: keep in mind that potential employers may see it). Due: Tuesday April 7th.
  • Each week you must contribute to the discussion on Slack or in class at least once.
  • Participation grades will be periodically posted to Blackboard.



All quizzes will be “open note,” meaning you can use any materials linked to from the course website or notes that you have taken. Most of them will be based on a reading or lecture, which you may refer to as you do the quiz. You may only attempt a quiz once and you may not consult with other students about answers!