Lucas taught Tim Go… and we recorded it so you can learn too! These are not polished videos, but they will help you set up a Go environment and write basic code.

We encourage you to use a consistent environment: Visual Studio Code as your IDE and the basic Go command line tools for compilation.

Setting Up Go and Visual Studio Code

Preqreq: This video assumes you have already installed Visual Studio Code.


  1. First, install Visual Studio Code. Then, to install Go, go here and get the version for your OS. You may need to re-open any terminals you have active after installing to ensure the go executables are in your path.

Go Language Basics

Watch as Lucas walks Tim through some Go language basics!

Here is the code we wrote during the tutorial in case you want to try it out:

More Resources

Check the #golang channel on Slack for more resources and to ask langauge-specific questions.